#FridayPhrases (#8)

Weekly FridayPhrases post again. (If this actually makes it online I’l be lucky today. One of those days. Everything’s determined to go wrong. Perfect end to a perfect week 😦 ) As always, check out the FridayPhrases website for more information about this fun twitter activity. 🙂

This week’s prompt: Discarded Pants.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to think of anything for this one. But once the ideas came, they flowed. Here are my tweets for this week:

She discarded her pants, dropped the denim jeans of the floor, and fell into bed. Moonlight glanced off her vest and shorts. Eyes shut.

Discarded jacket, discarded pants, discarded t-shirt, discarded underwear. All litter the hardwood floor. I lay in her arms. Content.

Pants discarded, bowl of chocolate cereal in hand, she flopped onto the sofa and flicked the television on. She deserved this today.

Sat in the corner, in the dark, staring at nothing. She felt just like the discarded pants she’d thrown off last night.


3 thoughts on “#FridayPhrases (#8)

  1. Those were great! I thought it would be hard too. My favorite one I did was this:

    She came out of the kitchen & stared at his nakedness. His discarded pants & shirt lay on the floor. “Dude, I invited you up for COFFEE!”#FP

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