Blogging 101: Life

This post is the assignment for Blogging 101. (Yes, I’m still behind.) The assignment was to expand on a comment I’d left on a blog (which was the day before’s assignment – to comment on four blogs that I’d never commented on before). Well, there were two posts that grabbed my attention. So I’m expanding on both of them. One of them’s here, and the other here. Both on the same blog.

Firstly, I am not an open person. I blog and write under a pen name to protect my real life identity. Partly because, as I said in my comment on one blog, there are things I want to express that I’m not ready for my family/friends to know yet. I feel like I want to experiment with being who I really feel I am before I show them. If that makes sense?

I process my thoughts and feelings through writing. It has been a great therapy for me over the past year. Writing has given me hope of a brighter future. It’s made me feel like I can do something worthwhile, and it’s reconnected me with a part of myself I thought I’d lost.

I am currently in the process of trying to build a life for myself. Writing is central to that. I am not a brave person, or a confident person, or a “together” person. But these are some of the things I’m working on.

To put your life back together after it has been torn apart by illness, or betrayal, or a major loss, or one of the many other catastrophes that can strike a life down, is incredibly difficult, and I am always inspired by anyone who succeeds in it. I look at those people and feel like, if they can do it, why can’t I? At least I do on my good days.

Writing gives me hope and freedom. Reading gives me inspiration and escape. Dreaming give me hope and motivation for the future. That’s the reason for my tagline. These are the things that keep me sane. And that I think is the key to life. Find what keeps you sane and cling on to it.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Life

  1. Awww… Thanks for the pingback!

    I think it is very important to protect your heart and not share ‘things’ until you are ready. Not only is it okay, it is important. How can you explain what has happened when you don’t yet know how you have been changed? How can you request support and understanding when you don’t even understand it yourself? In rebuilding yourself, it is important to know where you’ve been, know where you are and know where you are going before sharing with other people. If you share too early, you could lose the little of the ‘you’ that you have left in the flood of other people’s ideas and opinions. ❤

    I also have to say, based only on your posts and comments, I don't necessarily agree with your assertion that you are not a brave, confident or 'together' person.

    Going through a life changing something – whether that is a catastrophic event (such as financial difficulties, a marriage issue etc), a difficult but normal life change (like kids leaving home, becoming someone's mother-in-law etc) or simply a sudden or gradual awareness or realization – going it alone is terribly and brutally brave, much more so than sharing it and soliciting assistance and support. Instead of having friends and family members lifting you up, keeping you going and cheering you on, you are doing it for yourself all by yourself. Brave. Brave. Brave.

    Realizing what you have lost and setting out on a journey to rediscover it, to rediscover yourself? Only confident and 'together' people do this.The lost and timid continue to wander aimlessly, waiting for a prince, a knight, the good witch of the North to come and rescue them. It is just that you are on the beginning of your journey. All heros have doubts and problems at the beginning. All heros have something to overcome, to learn, to discover before their whole story is revealed.

    Anyway… I look forward to your future posts and watching your journey.

    Wishing you a happy ending! ❤

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  2. a pseudonym allows me to be something other than i am everyday, mainly taller. but really it somehow helps me have fun sitting in front of a keyboard, or anywhere really, and following a thought wherever it takes me.

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