Blogging 101: The Title and Tagline

Yes, I’m still behind with Blogging 101. Yesterday’s assignment was to change the title and tagline of your blog.

The title of my blog is my pen name. I thought that would keep it consistent with my presence on other websites. Not to mention I couldn’t think of something witty and interesting. 🙂

My tagline is simple as well. Blog of a reader, writer, and dreamer. I think this sums me up, and this blog.

So I haven’t changed anything. I’d completely forgotten the tagline was there, though.

Yeah, not the best memory sometimes. :/


One thought on “Blogging 101: The Title and Tagline

  1. Memory isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! That’s why we have blogs! So we can look it all up again! *wink* Don’t worry it’ll all work itself out!


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