This was written a few days ago. Took a while to post it because I participated in this Daily Post challenge:

Today is my birthday. I’ve done all the birthday things. Presents. Cards. Shopping trip. I feel positive (mostly) about the coming year, and like today is a good day to make a new start and take stock.

Over the past year I’ve grown emotionally, gained and lost some things, changed my life. Many miles are ahead before I can say I have the life I want. I have a lot of problems to work through. But I’m on the right track, (hopefully!).

Writing is the biggest change of the past year. I’ve started to take it seriously, mostly down to taking part in Nanowrimo last November. I rediscovered a passion that got left behind in the darkness of my late teens/early twenties. I will be forever grateful for that. 

I have completed several first drafts in the past year, and aim in the coming year to edit them, with the hope of publishing them. I can’t wait for the day when I see my name in print, either self-published or traditionally. 

I have a passion, and a goal, which has contributed a lot to my increasing sense of positivity. 

I have a lot of demons to tame. But I think I can do it. I certainly hope so.


PS: Doing this challenge has taught me something: editing down by a percentage each run-through really does improve my writing. This is a lesson I will take forward into my fiction.


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