Writer’s Corner Prompt Series #2: Destruction

This is another scene connected to my earlier post, Familiarity. They are both fragments of the same story, which I plan on posting, in order :), on this blog. This is for: Prompt #2-DKC Prompt Series on the Writer’s Corner blog. 
The prompt:
“The rocks shake. The ground breaks…something approaches…is it doom or something great?”
The scene:
I hid my head in my hands. Rocks tumbled, crashing and thumping, raining down the cliffside outside. I  squeezed my eyes shut and gritted my teeth, the image of the fiery red-purple sky outside burned into the backs of my eyelids. My heart thudded painfully in my chest. 
The ground shook, and tears leaked out from underneath my eyelashes, despite how tightly they were clamped down. I felt the vibrations of my whimpering voice in my throat, but the sound was drowned out by the sound of the world ending. 
Atara, I cried out in my mind, visions of her being caught in the rockfall flashing before. 
No answering call came back. The earth kept shaking, and the rocks kept falling. 
A great crack tore through the air, and the ground gave a violent shake. I fell to the side, my hands coming from my head to catch my fall. My eyes shot open. 
A splinter was spreading through the cave floor, opening up a world of darkness beneath. It raced towards my feet, so I pulled them closer to me, then stood up, bracing against the wall for balance. The entrance to the cave was going to break away. 
I jumped to the left, deeper into the cave. Horror rent through me as the cave mouth collapsed. Dust was kicked into the air. I couldn’t see, but I heard the stone fall, crashing into the rest of the rockfall outside. 
More tears fell. The air cleared a little, and the ragged, torn edge of the cave became visible. It was a pace from where I stood. I stepped back, several slivers of rock falling too close for comfort. 
My cheat tightened and I grabbed at my coat. Atara, I called out again. I didn’t want her to come close and risk injury, yet I was so afraid. I needed her.
The rain of rocks slowed down, the pieces grew smaller, and then they stopped. Silence hung in the thick, dusty air. The sound of my thudding heart and laboured breathing filled my ears. it was strange to hear again. 
The sky was a dusty red. I wiped at my face, drying the tears with the back of my fur glove, and sniffed. A whirlpool of emotion swept through me. I had survived, but the world…the world wasn’t the same. It had ended. 
Tia! Atara called into my mind, and a wave of relief swept away the whirlpool.
Yes, I called back, I’m here! I strained my eyes, peering out into the grainy air. 
Her silhouette appeared, start black against the burning sky. I waved to try and help her find me. There was nowhere to land. She hovered outside, and there was no sight that could have mended me the way she did. Thank heaves you’re safe, she said. 
You too, I replied. 
She came as close to the rock as possible, but I still had to run and jump onto her back. I landed on my belly with a heavy jolt, then pulled myself into a sitting position and she flew away from what had been the cave. 
I tried to not look down at the destruction beneath me. 
We failed. Didn’t we? I said. 
A slow, sad, shake of her head was all I got in reply. 

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