#FridayPhrases (#1)

So, on Fridays I take part in #fridayphrases on Twitter. (My twitter handle: @phoenixgrey85.) Friday Phrases is a challenge, with an optional theme, to write a microfiction story, or poem, in 140 characters or less. For more information, see the website at fridayphrases.com.

These are the four tweets I sent out yesterday, all on the theme At Midnight:
At midnight, the clock strikes. I wait. He comes. He comes for me. A cold hand on my back, and then…
Midnight was just a moment in time, and yet, the air tasted different. It  sparkled and crackled in her mouth. It fizzed with power. 
Another crack appears as the clock strikes midnight. A little closer to the end. Created. But not forever.
Midnight. But never too late for chocolate 😉
I really enjoy doing this on Friday. The strangest things tend to come to my mind. Small pieces of inspiration that can spark larger stories, or just snippets of beautiful imagery. And the challenge of getting it in the 140 characters pushes me to cut out the unnecessary words. Good writing practice. 

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