This kind of came on instinct. A bit like it was just waiting to be free. Loop I stare up, vacant. The sky light is right above my head, right above where the pillows sit on the bed. I’ve watched that patch of sky for twelve months today. Last time tonight. Tomorrow night I will […]

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Missed a couple of days. 😦 Blame the heatwave that nearly killed me…. Meddle “How dare you?” My words ring out across the empty car park. My scream is unanswered. Not even an echo. Fingers twine in hair. Pull. Pain. What to do? I am alone. I scream again. Fist hits empty air. All empty. […]

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Written on the move. 🙂 Blossom It’s like I woke up. With each tiny pale pink petal that landed on my face, tiny piece of me began to breathe again. My lips formed into a smile and tears slipped down my face. This was what I had been waiting for, deep inside, hidden in the […]

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This one’s a little, erm, abstract. Create A breath, a sigh on the wind. Tree leaves rustling, the wind hushing its race over the land. I face it, arms wide, hair streaming behind me. Her teeth bite at my exposed skin. My fingers curl, nails digging into my palms. Grass ripples, like tiny waves on […]

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So tired… 😴 Paragon “A paragon of anxiety, that’s me.” I let my head fall onto the table. “It’ll be alright.” “Maybe for you it would be, but me? Paragon. Anxiety. Remember?” I say to the table, as if it can help. All it does is muffle my words. A sigh, weary. “Come on, Alex, it […]

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I’m doing quite well at keeping up with this at the moment. Maybe I just jinxed it. Sigh. Puncture Steady feet. Steady breaths. Steady movement. Arms outstretched, every muscle tight. The thin line I follow wavers with my movement. Spotlights confine the light to me. I am all there is. Silence. Another step. Another. Another. […]

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Sometimes things are sad. 😦 Taper Her breath releases, pushing white mist into the air. Vision blurs. Freezing air clings to her skin. The weight inside is too much. Words. So many words collide in her brain. Voices. Stupid words that make no difference. Her toes curl around the edge of the railing. Her body […]

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