Grief #500wordFridays

And I’m still writing dark fiction. (And getting internet rage, which I’m sure will one day be a real thing. Like road rage.) Grief I imagined it over and over. What it would have been like. The music. The people. The colours. The flowers. The cars. What I would have done and felt and said. […]

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Anticipation #500wordFridays

I am back again with a new piece of flash fiction. I missed last week due to Good Friday and family commitments. Hope you enjoy this one. Anticipation The white silk and lace floats around my ankles as I twirl in front of the mirror. I can barely breathe in the corset, one hand laid […]

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#Blogbattle – Healing

Once more, I am participating in Rachael Ritchey’s extremely enjoyable and challenging #blogbattle. I am aiming to do this every week, but time has a habit of getting sucked into a black hole. But here is this week’s entry on the theme of bribery. Enjoy. 🙂 Healing “You can’t bribe me to eat, Val.” “I […]

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Demons #flashfictionfriday

So, a slight change in name this week because this story wouldn’t fit into 500 words. It is what it is, and to force it to be longer would change that. So here it is, just as it wants to be. 🙂 Demons I am heavy and cold. My heart pounds, pushing terror around my […]

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